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be able to convert PDFs to images (at least jpeg and gif).

Micheal Stribling , 13.10.2011, 08:21
Idea status: under consideration


Im Confidential, 13.10.2011, 15:36
Useless product when can't get Product Registration Key directly from Giveawayoftheday.com.

Because after over 1 hour and 4 diffrent e-mail adresses used from 4 different hosts (ATT.net, Hotmail, Lycos & Yahoo) where I have e-mail accounts, the publisher Wondershare.com never sent any Product Registration Key to any of my registered e-mail addresses so I was not able to ever use their product and Wondershare.com wasted over 1 hour of my time. My O/S is Win XP on both PCs and since various e-mail addresses used, it's a problem at WONDERSHARE's end !

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